Tale of Tails


Buckley walking in his favourite weather


Author: Phoenix Giraffa

Buckley is a white Goldendoodle, born on 8th August, 2018 in Lullington, Somerset. Although, given his love for dirt and mud he may as well be a black Goldendoodle!

In short, he’s a idiot. No, but in all seriousness, Buckley came into my life soon after my “washed” (failed/unsuccessful) assistance dog went to her new home, and he really gave me that focus to power through a very hard moment in my life.

A lot of people don’t believe in fate and I don’t myself usually, but Buckley was definitely fate. His breeder lives in the village where my family come from and their house is right next door to where some of that family are buried. Everything felt like it was meant to be. The night I found out about him, I placed a deposit on the furball.

Buckley loves to annoy his big brother from another mother (and father) Kanook. They very much have a love-hate relationship. When Buck was tiny he loved to yank on Kanook’s tail. Luckily Kanook being a giant softy never told him off as a pup. Now Buckley loves to teases him like it’s his last chance at every opportunity. They do love a game of tug together, zoomies in a field and joint training sessions, where Kanook helps guide and teach him things, and Buckley returns the favour.

Buckley and his big brother kanook

It’s been hard with him, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. It has taken a lot for me to allow myself to bond with another dog after my first one, who sadly had to be re-homed. We’ve been gradually and consistently working on our bond and relationship with each other. Teaching him not to be a complete and utter numpty to his big bro has been a challenge, along with learning that not every dog need to be friends with you. Slowly but surely we are getting there, he no longer annoys Kanook quite so much and doesn’t lay down EVERY time he sees another dog.

I acquired him with the intention to help with the physical side of my health, but afterwards I realised that he could do so much more for me. Soon after, we started to working on things he could help with in relation to my mental health, he has taken to it well and a lot quicker than I expected. He now attends my therapy appointments where he mainly sleeps when not trying to sneak in cuddles with the counsellor (one of his issues). He is also helping my counsellor even understand when I’m struggling just by responding to my body language.

I really wasn’t expecting such a people friendly, yet non-velcro dog. It is one of his biggest issues, he just loves people so so much and trying to teach a settle when there is people he could be loving on is hard, but we love a good challenge in life.

One of Buck’s favourite toys was a giant pumpkin called Bronwyn who was sadly put to rest by our other dog, and Buckley’s heart was truly broken. We have tried to replace her with different giant toys and even a Bronwyn mark 2.0 but she sadly met the same fate. We have got some parts to make him a new one though (just don’t tell him that haha). Aside from Bronwyn, he loves nothing more than getting covered in mud, splashing in ditches and water or rolling in fox/badger poop, because why not!

He’s crazy – and I mean crazy – so grooming at home means eat the brush, eat me, bark and zoomies (thank the world for creating groomers). His idea of cuddles is either squishing you or running into you and flopping into your chest with his bum in the air, often making his very weird slightly disturbing happy sounds. You’re always greeted with some sort of gift, normally whatever closest to him.

We are still working on so much together, but as time goes on things are getting brighter and easier. I’m allowing myself to bond with him even when some days it’s hard. I love my Buckmonster and can’t see life without him and his antics anymore.