Tale of Tails

Community Jargon

"Jargon Buster" made from and surrounded by Scrabble-style tiles


AD = Assistance Dog

SD = Service Dog

ADiT = Assistance Dog in Training

SDiT = Service Dog in Training

OT/OTAD = Owner Trained/Owner Trained Assistance Dog

PA = Public Access (going into non-dog friendly places e.g. supermarkets, restaurants)

PAT = Public Access Test (a requirement in many organisations – there is an one created by the ADI as guidance)

Task = A specific action or chain of actions a dog does that assists a disabled person e.g. a dog fetching a named item on command to assist a physically disabled person

MH = Mental Health

Wash out/washed = a dog that is no longer capable of being an assistance dog or has failed the training

Unicorn = a dog that is outside the breed standards and or training provided. Goes above and beyond what is expected of it.

ADUK = Assistance Dog UK (an accreditation charity organisation, NOT a registry for the UK)

ADI & ADEu = Assistance Dog International & Assistance Dog Europe (an accreditation charity organisation, NOT a registry for the UK)

DPT = Deep Pressure Therapy, a task which helps with grounding and pain management (along the lines of a weighted blanket)

Prospect = a puppy who is potentially going to be an assistance dog, but is not yet doing any specific AD training, and is of an age where there are many factors which may lead them to not be suitable for the work

CB = Counter Balance, a mobility task where the dog can stabilise or assist an unsteady handler through tension and pressure (note NOT full brace, with full handler’s weight on them)

FMP = Forward Momentum Pull, a mobility task where the appropriately health-tested dog uses momentum and a designated harness to help the handler move forward and walk

IAADP – International Association of Assistance Dog Partners