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When is a Walk More Than a Walk?

There is a lot more to a dog walk than just the act of walking. We discuss the different types of walks and why it is important to enable our dogs to experience a variety of them.

Training Tips: The Covid-19 Outbreak

It is obviously a very challenging time at the moment amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, with a lot of upheaval and change for most of us. This can be tough for dogs too, so here are some tips on how to make sure to keep them stimulated, calm and maintain their training.

Why the Title DOES Matter!

‘I’ve been hearing “The title doesn’t matter” a lot in the Assistance Dog community lately, and it’s honestly driving me mad. The title here refers to the label we give to dogs acting as auxiliary aids for disabled handlers…’
Elmiri Fox discusses the significance of how you label an Assistance Dog.

I’m Working, Sorry

A great article in the form of a message from an assistance dog handler to the public about their interactions. When you ask to pet a working dog, don’t be upset if you get a short answer.

Welcome to Tale of Tails!

Hello everyone! This is Elmiri Fox & Dory Adelie giving you a quick welcome with a brief overview of the purpose of the website. So enjoy, and then explore!