Tale of Tails

About the Weirdos


? Elmiri Fox (Victoria Fox-Brown)

30 – Female – East Anglia, U.K. ??

Used the Alias of Elmiri Fox for the website to begin with, but due to the expansion of the website and her activity she now uses her real name Victoria Fox-Brown.

Has had a AD since April 2017 (Lord Eli).

Previously worked for an American Psychiatric Service Dog Charity which is where she first discovered assistance dogs were a thing for mental health.

Been training her own dogs and others for several years.

Does not claim to be a professional dog trainer. She merely train her own dogs and offer advice to others. Whether they use it or not is at their own discretion.

She is the proud owner of Lord Eli, Prince Greening Grandmalion & Graceling the crested gecko (also known as Tim/Timmeh).

She is a private individual for the most part, especially from outsiders. Shas mental health issues which she chooses not to go into detail of, mainly several types of anxiety with bouts of depression. She is open about what is happening with her but she doesn’t like to throw a big song and dance about it all.

? Dory Adelie

28 – Female – Greater London, U.K. ??

Has had an AD/ADiT full time since October 2018 (Sparrow).

Has always liked animals, but had cats as a child and teen. Instantly fell in love with dogs when she got together with her boyfriend 5 years ago…quickly became obsessed and began learning through reading and training with his family’s dogs.

Never knew of assistance dogs beyond guide dogs until meeting service dog trainers who became friends whilst on holiday. Later found out about assistance dogs in the UK including for mental illness. She still spends a lot of time in Florida with these trainer friends, learning from and working with them. Does a fair amount of puppy raising and pack training with their organisation and originally got Sparrow from them.

Does not claim to be a professional dog trainer, just trains her own dogs and shares advice and personal experience in case it’s of use. Strongly believes in focusing on the foundations and the relationship in training.

Has several mental and physical health conditions which overlap. These include various anxiety disorders, epilepsy and ME/chronic fatigue syndrome (with fainting and chronic pain).

She approaches personal stuff in a factual, sarcastic and lighthearted way when sharing. Generally takes the view that if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry so you may as well joke, swear and roll your eyes at all the things that go wrong…like passing out!  

? Phoenix Giraffa

23 – Female – Somerset, U.K. ??

Has had an ADiT since January 2019 (Buckley).

Owned dogs since she was a toddler and developed a love of animals from a very young age.

Never knew other types of assistance dogs existed beyond a guide dog, till she saw them on TV 4 years ago. Originally was going through a charity but due to already having a pet dog they didn’t want to place an AD with him, so she embarked on training her own AD.

She does not claim to be a professional dog trainer, just shares what she has learnt in the years of owning and training her own dogs.

Has several physical and mental health problems. This includes, OCD, GAD, depression, along with being born with a rare primary immunodeficiency. She is very open about her struggles with both being physically unwell and mentally.

She takes life as she see it…with a massive side of anxiety! Firmly believes that you do you, as long as you’re not harming anyone, because nothing is more powerful than being your self.