Tale of Tails

Welcome to Tale of Tails!


We plan to use this site to blog about ourselves, which in turn includes our assistance dogs and our health.

On top of the blogging, we are creating and offering free information and original resources for individuals, predominantly about dogs (in particular assistance dogs).

The information provided is gathered through our own knowledge and research conducted over the years which we then bounce off each other and eventually compile into the information documents you can see. Be aware we have only recently started this site and many of pages are merely ready for us to add content in the future (as fast as we can within our means!) There is a lot to cover as you will see!

The Tails

The site is run by three individuals currently and we all use aliases.
There are 4 dogs between us that we own ourselves. Not including the other animals floating around our lives including reptiles, other dogs and birds. You can find out more about us and our animals in the “About the Weirdos” (us) and “About the Tails” (dogs) sections.

We all suffer from a variety of mental health conditions as well as physical health concerns and conditions. It is for these reasons that we have assistance dogs and have come together and are now friends.

All of us are disabled and we do this website and research in our own time around dog training, health care, illness, work and our own general life. So please be patient!

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy the content and find the information useful.

– Elmiri Fox, Dory Adelie & Phoenix Giraffa

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