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Pawsitive Squad CIC

Website – http://www.pawsitivesquad.co.uk/

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6 thoughts on “Pawsitive Squad CIC

  1. Pawsitive squad is amazing. They do not discriminate, they allow anyone under the age of 25 when starting training and for any disability. They give clear goals and allow you to choose which training sessions you need. The exams allow you to see your progress and stop you feeling overwhelmed with all the training. Heather is so friendly and cares so much about the welfare of you and your dog and even sets up social chats for every age. I cant reccomend them enough, affordable, friendly and helps with everything involved with training an assistance dog.

  2. Pawsitive Squad CIC have considerable knowledge and understanding of the needs of people with neurodevelopment conditions. They offer a high level of training which centres around the welfare of the dogs.

  3. I have started to use this company recently and I have finding it invaluable. Very helpful, fun and also wonderful supportive trainer. On top of all this the prices are extremely reasonable for all to afford.
    Highly recommend.

  4. 10/10 – amazing level of Professional support- they always go above and beyond – they have so many different adapted training techniques so works for all. Our dog our life line is only 10 months old yet can help with so much already like take off socks, pick up drop items, fetch Help or certain objects, give pressure therapy, Open and close doors but one of the best we have learnt with the constant support of this amazing organisation is meltdown suppression ! We’re our four-legged friend reminders are daughter she is safe and loved by putting her face in between her hands on her body- if you no you no.
    So yes 5*

  5. 5* very happy with Pawsitive Squad CIC. We’ve been with them coming up 3 months now and were impressed with the quality of training as well as the training on offer. The added free extras are also amazing. The company as a whole are second to none and we cannot fault the support or the training we’ve received. Everything they do is welfare based and ethical on both the animals and the young people they support.

  6. Heather has allowed me to train my dog Mylo to support me with my physical disabilities and my mental health. It has allowed me to be more independent and I have found confidence in myself I never nee I had. I’ve made so many new Paw friends!

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